Making Ordinary Surfaces Extraordinary

TechnologyAerosol Impact-Driven ASsembly

We develop functional coatings that have unique optical, chemical, thermal, electronic, and mechanical properties. The heart of our technology is a new inline vacuum deposition method: aerosol impact-driven assembly, or AIDA.


Photoclean anti-soiling

Our PHOTOCLEAN coating keeps outdoor surfaces clean by absorbing UV rays and breaking down soilants through a photocatalytic reaction. It can be made with identical optics to bare glass or as an anti-reflection coating. Email us to check out its performance and durability for PV modules.

Allclear anti-reflection coating

Our robust, single-layer ALLCLEAR coating reduces reflection by >3%, has excellent off-axis color, and does not change when heated to > 700 °C.

Sticky adhesion-promoting coating

Our <50-nm-thick STICKY coating enhances adhesion by >4X between polymers and metal, glass, or ceramic surfaces. It even rips the adhesive off tape in tape tests! See it in action between stainless steel and silicone.

Team and Facilities

Swift Coat was founded by Peter Firth and Zachary Holman in 2016. We presently have nine employees with in-house technical expertise ranging from vacuum chamber design to AIDA coating process development. Our labs and offices are located at 7700 S. River Parkway in Tempe, Arizona.

Working With Us

We provide our customers with the equipment, processes, and raw materials to manufacture coated products. Contact us to test one of our existing coatings on your substrates or to discuss development of a new coating to meet your needs.

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