Any nanomaterial. Any surface.

Our business is nanoparticle coatings. Swift Coat technology can coat any surface—be it hard or soft, smooth or rough, flat or curved—with nanoparticles of any composition and size, enabling new products ranging from gas sensors to antimicrobial garments.

Fast and faithful

Swift Coat technology is inspired by graffiti art, which requires both speed and precision. We have developed the "aerosol can" of nanoparticle coatings that can coat hundreds of square feet per minute while maintaining thickness tolerances better than 10%. That's Mach 3 art.

Unique coating properties

Swift Coat technology can deposit coatings less than one nanoparticle-monolayer thick to more than 1 mm thick, and the coating porosity can be varied from 60 to 95%. Welcome to the world of multi-layer coatings with unprecedented control.


Swift Coat technology is broadly applicable and will enable new products for consumers, industries, and the military.

With its partners, Swift Coat is presently developing solutions for the solar, glazing, filtration, display, and sensor markets.

Partner with us

We are a start-up company that is actively seeking partnerships to grow our business and develop new products. We want to hear about your business and your ideas. Where can nanoparticle coatings take you?

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